Thursday, June 2, 2011

#17- Do one thing a day that scares me

#17 is going to be a tough one.  It means pushing myself everyday to do something (big or small) outside of my comfort zone.  So today I tried tofu, or to be more specific, Kim Kim Tofu and Asparagus from Lithe Method.  I know to some people, this may seem a little silly.  C'mon, TOFU??  THAT'S what scares you, Ruth?  And the answer to this is, prior to today, tofu gave me the willies.  But I have seen the light!!  The Tofu was delicious, perfectly seasoned with a bit of kick at the end.

But the tofu was just a convenient segue to get me thinking about my number 17 and the creator of Lithe Method, and all it's delightful offspring, Lauren Boggi.  The Lithe Method Brand, (which started as a mad scientist-esque way of combining all of Lauren's favorite ways to push herself both mentally and physically), has morphed into this phenomenon that encompasses fitness, food, clothing, and so much more.  Did I mention she rolled out Lithe Foods while in her third trimester??

All of this was running through my head as I nibbled on my scrumptious snack.  I began to wonder to what extent am I truly pushing myself?  While I have no immediate plans to become an exercise guru or fitness mogul a la Lauren, I do have quite a few dreams that I have ignored.  While I don't want to believe it is fear keeping me from the things I want to do, I have to admit it is doubt that occasionally tosses me on the sidelines.  While I am a naturally outgoing person, I have stopped asking for the things I want and activities that I want to do.  Part of this is my way of "playing nice"- putting a group ahead of my own wants.  What can I say, I've played team sports my whole life!  But the downside is that my creative juices have been slowing down.  We're talkin' about molasses here folks.  Congealed cheez whiz.

So I'm going to spend the next week trying to get my scare on.  And NO, this does NOT include scary movies.  Some things just aren't meant to be overcome in this decade.

So what have you done to scare yourself lately?  How have you gotten out of your comfort zone?

Talk to you soon

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