Monday, May 30, 2011

Ruthie's Running Rules

Here's a set of my own personal rules that I've scrounge together from my own short experience running and getting ready for races

1. Use the bathroom before you leave your house.  Trust me.  Even if you don't have to "go", "go" anyway!!

2. On race day, when using a port-a-potty, DO NOT LOOK DOWN!!  I'm serious.  Unless you want to vomit/cry/pass out/be scarred for life, you'd be wise to stare at the walls.

3. There is a fine line between tying your shoes too tight and leaving them too loose.  I've yet to find my happy medium but I practice everyday like a good little runner

4. Set at least two alarms for race day.  And then don't freak out when you oversleep. 

5. Remember that running is fun.  You don't always need musical accompaniment.  I prefer to scare those around me by singing every now and again.

6. Everything will ache after a long race.  Even really weird muscles that you never use

I'm sure these will get longer as continue running, but for now these are my Golden Standard (ha!)

Am I missing anything crucial?  Let me know


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